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The House Inc. is proud to announce our new center location and expansion of programming! Madison's urban arts area now has a fully operated facility to now call home in the local Madison area. The center will operate classes Monday-Friday for youth ages 4-18, as well as adult health and wellness courses.


THI is the very first of its kind in the Dane County and surrounding areas to offer underserved communities’ access to performing arts trainings and much more. You may have heard about our programs in the past. In 2007 our dance team was on BET (Black Entertainment Television) National LIVE sitcom 106nPark Dance Competition. Our dance company won 1st place on live television. We have also graced the campaign trails of Barack Obama, even performing on many stages at the Overture Center of the Arts, right here in Dane county.





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Our budget last year allowed us to cover 2/5 part-time directors/coaches, 1-year mortgage for our studio space and six Regional & National competitions - winning all of them! We are a for artist-by-artist facility meaning, all programs are led by artists. We plan rehearsals, arrange fundraisers, make costumes, choreograph, and operate the center on a 75% volunteer bases.


Last season, we managed to fundraise $32,000.00. This was just enough to pay for our rental space for the season. All other expenses were paid out by the staff, dancers and their families.


This season, we are hoping to minimize costs for the dancers by gaining sponsors who believe in us. Urban performing arts has never been considered in this community before, but we work just as hard, train just as hard, and operate a full facility for our students.


We all have a passion for the future of urban arts in this community and we would like to invite you to be a part of it!

Clyde Mayberry

CEO & Founder

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