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Youth Programming

2024 Summer Dance Camp 

AGES: 7-16

June 18th - August 13th 2024

Our Summer Dance Camp is for students interested in participating in our 2024-2025 arts programs offered by The House Inc. This will be every Tuesday and Thursday  from 4:30-6:30pm.


Course Include: Hip Hop, Majorette, Ballet, Urban Theater Dance, Yoga & Meditation.


Rehearsal Days: Tuesdays Thursdays 4:30 - 6:30PM 

Studio: B

Dance Attire: White Top & Black Bottoms

Minis Movement 

AGES: 4-7

September 2024-June 2025

These classes are designed to introduce Kindergarten to seven year old children to the world of dance. Instructors use age-appropriate coursework to nurture the young dancer's physical, emotional, and social skills. Classwork develops the basic elements of creative movement, basic skills, as well as vocabulary, and music.


Rehearsal Days: Monday & Wednesdays 6-7PM 

Studio: EBM Studio (A)

Full House Program

AGES: 7-18

September 2024-June 2025

Our full house scholarship program is for students interested in participating in all programs offered by The House INC. This will be all Tuesday and Thursday programs from 5-8pm. (Majorette, Ballet, Modern & Contemporary, & Hop Hop Programming)


Rehearsal Days: Tuesdays Thursdays 5 - 8PM 

Studio: EBM Studio (A) & Badgerette Palace (B)

Dream Camp Program

AGES: 13-18

Summer Program June 26-August 22

At Dream Camp we are dedicated to fostering positive transformation in the lives of struggling teens by providing a dynamic and comprehensive youth program. Our mission is to empower youth and guide them through each step of their journey towards a brighter future.


Through a multifaceted approach that combines mentorship, skill development, and creative expression, we aim to instill confidence, resilience, and a sense of purpose in every participant.


Programming will be every Friday 6-8pm. (Music , Video, Violence Prevention & Comprehensive Support)

Dream Camp Days: Fridays 6 - 8PM 

Studio: A 


Fill out the form below to register. You'll receive a confirmation email with a payment link. If you are in a our scholarship program contact the center for scholarship voucher.

Household Information (This information is required for grant purposes only and is kept strictly confidential.)

Rent Please check all statements that are true about the participates household:
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