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An Urban Arts Initiative 

The House Inc's organizational purpose is to keep youth engaged and help young adults channel their creative energy through programming surrounding theater, dance, leadership, and community service. 


THI is an organization that provides a safe community space for youth in their professional arts training, we pride ourselves in our for-youth-by-youth programing agenda. The organization focuses on urban alternatives with fun avenues that create positive life experiences. 


In the “Race in the Heartland” report data shows that African American youth fall well below the achievement gap versus their fellow peers. THI is combating this issue with its programming by giving black and brown youth an outlet to express their whole selves through performing arts. 

Supporting THI is supporting black and brown youth to have access to professional arts training in the Dane County area. Our interdisciplinary programming focuses on arts, physical/mental health and educational success. Your support is detrimental to our communities’ growth and combat the achievement gaps that have plagued black and brown youth for far too long. 


It is our hope that you join in on this race towards a better and safe community. In order to create equality for all, it is our, the community responsibility to support its youth.

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