The Greatest Gift In 2020: 50K to Support New Center

Serving over 85 youth in 2019, The House Inc. (THI) is bursting at the seams of space at its current facility located just off Park Street on Madison Wisconsin's south side.The House Urban Arts Initiative Incorporated is the first of its kind; an Urban Arts program surrounded by Urban Initiatives. THI’s largest initiative, The Dynamic Badgerettes (TDB), is a thriving majorette dance program with increased desire to enroll more youth. However, THI has fortunately and unfortunately become unable to accept new youth into the program. “We just don’t have the space within our current studio,” says Founder, Clyde Mayberry. THI’s goal is to bring a variety of dance, theater, performing arts and poetry, with a focus on health and wellness to Madison’s youth.

The Greatest Gift in 2020 for The House Inc. would be to move into a bigger facility. This space will not only accommodate the growing enrollment of The Dynamic Badgerettes, but more importantly to provide the community an affordable urban arts programming where it previously did not exist. I have been a dancer and coach for many years right here in Madison, Wisconsin, it's always been a passion of mine. I want to ensure that we can continue to make an impact in the lives of youth by tapping into their creativity, and giving them a place to just authentically be themselves,” says the founder, Clyde Mayberry. THI refuses to continue to turn away youth because of space limitations or the inability to afford tuition fees. THI believes that every child deserves to be apart of a program that was created for the youth and community in which it serves.

The organization is open to all youth, but focuses primarily on serving black and brown youth within Madison and the Greater Dane County area. The organization has already scouted a new facility that will meet all of their needs, and conveniently, it is still located on the south side of Madison. The new location is further south, just across the highway at 313 W. Beltline Highway. With the help of community donations and business sponsorships alike, The House Inc. will be able to continue to open its doors and programming to more youth going forward.

Join their fundraising campaign - New Year, New Opportunities, The House Inc., by donating to their program. The board of The House Inc. has determined for the fiscal year of 2020, to ensure sound transition and financial security, that they are in need of $50,000 to accomodate for more studio space, offer tuition assistance and insure a bright 2020 program season.

Visit their website, and learn more about The Dynamic Badgerettes and other programs offered, a special video from their youth, and a message from the founder, Clyde Mayberry.

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The Dancing Badgerettes, also known as TBD, are excited to announce 2019s #BadgeretteHonors. These committed dancers were selected based upon their excellence in dance choreography, exemplary attendance and meeting or exceeding a 3.2 Cumulative GPA. Being a Dancing Badgerette is not easy! Practice is tough, always being aware that they are indeed the face of the program and within the community is huge. Not only being committed to the program, their health, and their education is more than enough reason to reward these young ladies with #TDBHonors. Congrats young ladies!

Pictured Left to Right: Dancer 1, age, gpa. Dancer 2, age, gpa. Dancer 3, age gpa. Dancer 4, age, GPA.

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